Cell phones aren’t just for selfies anymore

By now we’re familiar with the selfie goal celebration. Basically, player scores goal, player finds camera, player takes selfie, and then we blog about it.

Perhaps because he was dialed into our selfie fatigue, Oleh Makarov decided to take the in-game phone experience to the next level, answering his phone at a friendly tournament, in the middle of a game, between his Ukrainian Second Division team, Enerhiya Nova Kakhovka, and Ukrainian Premier League side Olimpik Donetsk.

What could have been so important that Makarov decided to carry his phone on the field and then answer it? A transfer rumor? His publicist suggesting the stunt would be good for his #brand?

As one would expect, everyone associated with the stunt was punished. Enerhiya Nova Kakhovka was suspended for the rest of the tournament, and the referee was banned for not punishing Makarov for his stunt during the match. The good news: Makarov will now have time to take important phone calls and take selfies of himself not playing soccer.

We are now past #PeakCellPhone in soccer.