Cristiano Ronaldo is now the shirt sponsor for a second-division Portuguese team

Consider this a sign of the economic times, evidence of not only the disparity between only little clubs and big ones but the divide between small, neighborhood teams with little positive income and the millions at the disposal of the game’s biggest stars. Back in the good old days of 25-pound balls and no substitutions, we wouldn’t have seen a single player be the shirt sponsor of a club. While that’s mostly because players didn’t get paid in those days, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a jerk for throwing his affluence in history’s face.

The Real Madrid star has pitched in to have his museum’s logo emblazoned across the chest at C.F. União, his hometown club in Madeira, Portugal. The logo, white on the second-division team’s blue and yellow kits, advertises the “CR7 MUSEU,” with a four-year-old’s depiction of what I can only assume (with my limited American education) is the Lincoln Memorial adding to the art:

There’s no word how much this cost, how it influences financial fair play, or if Lionel Messi is mounting a response. If he is, the duo’s need to compete on even the most mundane levels could be a boon to Newell’s Old Boys, Messi’s hometown team in Rosario, Argentina. Though judging by the Barcelona’s stars latest forays into art, Newell’s may want to insist on final approval.

But this rivalry talk detracts from the real issue, like how does this affect Brand Ronaldo. How can we spin the star’s want to pitch in to his local team into a ego-boosting act? Given the nature of the sponsorship, a museum Ronaldo has for himself, it’s not difficult, but you wonder why Cristiano didn’t try to advertise on the kits of a bigger, more globally recognizable team. Is it because he might have some affinity for his hometown club?

I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole. Next thing you know, we’ll be thinking of Cristiano as an actual person. And that can only lead to … empathy. Nope!

Let’s just stick with the facts: a.) Ronaldo has a museum dedicated to himself, b.) he’s advertising it on another club’s kits, and c.) that little symbol looks like the Lincoln Memorial. And I could have drawn it.