Young Celtic fan with Down’s syndrome is serenaded by Hamilton supporters after scoring at New Douglas Park

Here’s the best thing you’ll see today: A young boy seeing a dream true. That the dream was made possible by a club helping a rival fan with Down’s syndrome is remarkable in its own right, yet that background seems almost secondary to the pure elation of Jay Beatty.

What was the last time you saw somebody this happy?

Beatty was invited to New Douglas Park on Saturday for the club’s match against Celtic, the team he supports. The young fan had already gained a note of fame from his association with the Scottish champions, having been pulled from the stands this summer by Georgios Samaras to celebrate the Bhoys’ 45th Scottish championship. This time, it was a rival club that was giving Beatty a chance to live out a fantasy.

Jay’s father, via The Telegraph:

We thought 2014 was just amazing but today was something else and to have a whole stadium, including the Hamilton fans, chanting your son’s name will live with me forever. I will never forget it and cannot thank you all enough for making my son’s life… We are a club like no other with fans like no other.

I’ve never had a day as good as Jay’s Saturday. I’ve never had a chance to run into the middle of a room, come to a jump-stop, and throw my arms wide knowing that a wave of elation was about to run over me. But I’d also never love that moment the same Jay thoroughly loved his.

Congratulations, Hamilton fans, as well as the Celtic supporters that traveled to New Douglas Park this weekend. It’s not often you get a chance to make a dream come true.


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