Toronto FC’s Twitter account is acting like a scorned lover

This is exactly the sort of tweet you get from a club that Drake is prominently involved with. Tim Leiweke is sitting by himself in a luxury box listening to “How About Now” in the dark. It’s disgusting.

MLS accounts have been acting strangely all offseason, but this is a new low. At least the LA Galaxy and NYCFC are sending creeper tweets about the future – players that are on the way. They’re past the “R U up” text and are now in a robe, waiting for the doorbell to ring, with rose petals strewn about the apartment. It’s weird to talk about in public, but understandable.

You don’t have to tweet through this, Toronto. There are other ways to get through the pain. We know you’ve just been through a rough breakup, but you’re already rebounding with someone younger. Let your ex live. You and Jermain Defoe were never meant to be.

How is Jozy Altidore supposed to feel about this? He’s been in Toronto for less than 24 hours, and Toronto FC is already texting its friends in London, trying to get Defoe beat up. You don’t do things like that unless you still have feelings for someone. How is Jozy ever supposed to trust them? If things go wrong, will TFC talk about him this way after it signs Juan Agudelo for $8 million a year?

Toronto FC is a young club. It doesn’t have the necessary life experience to deal with this sort of thing. With a little more perspective and a few playoffs wins, it won’t have to wear its insecurities on its long, cold-weather Canadian sleeves.

Until then, we should all send it some inspirational quotes on Instagram. Let it know that it’s still beautiful.


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