Man Crush Monday: Miguel Ángel Moyà

Okay, so sure, Atletico Madrid “lost” this Sunday’s game against Barcelona, 3-1. But goals, shmoals. While he may have slipped in defending his team, we’re going to defend the honor of this week’s Man Crush Monday: Miguel Ángel Moyà!

Real Madrid CF v Getafe CF - La Liga

Here’s the thing: So what if he allowed a couple of measly goals? He has the world’s dreamiest beard. Doesn’t that count for a goal or two?

And Miguel Ángel — Hello! His middle name even means Angel — had to take over for Thibault Courtois, who’s like the second-best goalie in the world.

Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Luckily Moyà’s about 6’2”, which means he probably has big enough feet for the job. (I mean socks. We are only concerned about the length of his socks.) Phew.


And sure, he’s had to bounce back from a pesky knee injury last year, but it looks like he’s strengthening his quads just fine.

Getafe CF v CA Osasuna - La Liga

After flaming out at Valencia and bouncing around Spain, Moyà has done pretty well for himself.

I mean, check out his girlfriend, Patricia Ruiz?


Whoops, I mean, look at his stats! Just in La Liga games since November, he’s allowed only 11 goals in 10 games. That’s, like, not a lot. You try doing better than that while running around and trying to protect those handsome, aerodynamic, Mediterranean profile lines.

Real Madrid CF v Getafe CF - La Liga

He’s also appeared in a few modeling spreads, like this one, for the Best Sport – because clearly, casting directors know to look only for athletes particularly strong in long passing.


Does it hurt that he’s also a millionaire, with a 3 million euro contract? I mean, he’s clearly rich in spirit, too, which is what really counts. Look upon this face of pure benevolence, just caring about the greater good.


So, Man Crush Monday, good luck on your game this week against Real Madrid … and, you know Patricia’s a hottie for sure. But should she ever accidentally, tragically disappear, you know, send a tweet!


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