Raheem Sterling is on vacation, and some Liverpool fans have no chill


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Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling has played a lot of the soccer during the first half of the Premier League season. His manager, Brendan Rodgers, who is known for being observant and acknowledging science, recognizes that lots of the soccer can take a toll on a body that ice baths and massages may not remedy. He also recognizes that Sterling has played more minutes this season than any other non-goalkeeping Premier League player. That may be why Rodgers gave Sterling a few days to head to Jamaica to rest and recover, leaving Liverpool without one of it stars when it travelled to Sunderland on Saturday.

Rodgers acknowledged as much when he spoke to the Liverpool Echo, saying:

“If we’re going to maximize what we can get out of [Sterling], then he needs that bit of recovery time. A period of rest and the recuperation will do him the world of good. It’s been a grueling first half of the season for him with a lot of matches and a lot of work. This is the last game he misses. He’ll be back in training next week.”

Simple enough. Unless, of course, you are a human on the internet. Read the comments accompanying Raheem’s Instagram post from Jamaica.

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This is why comments should be disabled, because humans can’t be trusted with free access to expression. Among the future Darwin Awards nominees who spoke up:

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#NotAllFans, Paul.