Kobe Bryant welcomes Steven Gerrard to Los Angeles

Thought we were done talking about Steven Gerrard, did ya? Don’t be silly. The King of Los Angeles himself, K. Bean Bryant has extended a royal greeting to the LA Galaxy’s new midfielder. Knowing Kobe, he probably made this video because he sees Gerrard as some kind of threat to his Alpha Dog status in Southern California. It has the vibe of a handshake with a concealed dagger. I think I saw Kobe’s eyes twitch when he mentioned “aggressiveness and leadership.” This is Kobe telling Gerrard that it’s cool to have him around, but if he gets one too many laughs on Jimmy Kimmel, they may have to fight outside of Spago. Shooting 38 percent can bring out the insecurities in the most noble of men.

(Editor’s note: Bryant’s middle name is actually Bean. You learn something new every day.)


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