Thomas Müller has emotionally scarred Dante all with his 7-1 jokes

Thomas Müller clearly doesn’t know when a joke’s gone too far. While this may qualify him to write scripts for the Farrelly brothers, it’s also upsetting one of his Bayern Munich teammates.

Weirdly enough, Dante’s done being taunted by a host of Germans crowing about Brazil’s 7-1 loss in last summer’s World Cup semifinal. Hey, it was only one of the most traumatic and shameful events in that nation’s proud sporting history, and probably marked the end of his international career. But lighten up, dude! Turn that frown upside down and savor the light comic touch for which Germans are so famed.

“The Germans joked about it, especially just after the game, up to the moment when I said it was the time to stop. The 7-1 was something more serious than people realized,” the defender told Globoesporte.

“We can joke about anything, but not about this. Not all the Germans were like this but Thomas is the big joker. I said to him: ‘If you don’t stop, I’m going to hit you in every training session.’

“This doesn’t make me laugh and when someone doesn’t laugh,” Dante said, “it means they are annoyed.”

He added: “I felt that people have sort of pushed me to one side since then, in restaurants, in the street. I only think when you are sad and have endured this sort of upset, you need some affection from people who are close to you, to help recover your self-esteem.”

Yeah, good luck with finding that in a sport where even this kind of thing is termed “friendly banter”.

Credit to the Guardian for its headline on this story: “Dante’s pique.” A pun referencing an abject 1997 Pierce Brosnan volcano disaster movie? Now that is funny.


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