Neymar wants you to buy some Japanese shampoo

Go ahead. Buy a hair product based on a recommendation from Neymar. I’m sure that kind of sound judgment will get you far.

Your boy, Young Swan Dive, hit the Japanese airwaves with this beauty, selling Scalp-D oily shampoo. Granted, my hair was never of the texture of this greasy products’s target demographic, but “oily shampoo” seems counterproductive. Maybe something was lost in translation.

Scalp-D gave Neymar some samba-type percussion to make him and his follicles feel comfortable and loose. They even brought in two of the dudes who come to his table to crack pepper onto his meals at his favorite restaurant to come dance in the background. Scalp-D is a class brand. They go all out for stars.

Sidenote: Scalp-D was also the name of the first bald rapper. He was a kid from the South Bronx in the late ’80’s. Scalp had a few marginal hits locally, but never really made it. This was before the internet.