Workers find 11 unexploded bombs under new Russian World Cup stadium

The 2018 Russia World Cup gets better every day. Every rumor is believable and you have to read real news stories twice before accepting them as true. Today brings news that 11 unexploded bombs from World War II have been uncovered during construction of Arena Pobeda, a new World Cup stadium in Volgograd being built in the footprint of the old Central Stadium.

If you recall your WWII history, Volgograd was the site of the Frost Giants POW camp Thor escaped from to help Frodo get back to the elf kingdom and bring the one ring to safe keeping. It turned the tide of the war in 1943.

… or, it was once known as Stalingrad — the site of one of the largest battles in modern history. All these decades later, unused ammunition is still being found throughout the city. Local vice-governor Vasily Galushkin detailed the discovery:

“During the two months of the demolition of the Central Stadium it was discovered so far that 11 shells from WW2 were still on the side. Given the large volume of unexploded ordnance, we have had to carefully check the site to make absolutely sure all the bombs have been removed. However, we are confident that we have now achieved this and the work itself is scheduled to start in the last week of January.”

Russia is the Texas of Earth, so none of this is too surprising, But don’t think bombs under a new stadium is a uniquely Soviet or European experience. Last year the San Jose Earthquakes’ stadium construction was delayed after digging revealed secret tank factory bunkers full of munitions.

America found unused weaponry under their soccer facilities a full year before Russia, but still wasn’t granted hosting rights to the 2018 World Cup. Anyone looking for sure signs of corruption and FIFA failure can stop right here, but you better tiptoe, because there’s probably a land mine or something around.