#ManCrushMonday: Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris

It feels a bit strange to be kicking off a weekly column based on an Instagram hashtag by choosing a subject whose Instagram game just isn’t up to par. Hugo Lloris has had his account for seven months now, yet he’s given us a miserly 13 photos.

Which is très, très unfortunate when you consider that when Hugo does post, he gives us gems such as this:


But #ManCrushMonday isn’t just about looks. If that were the case, I’d likely be using each Monday to discuss the divine Ezequiel Lavezzi. Or I’d spend some time discussing the way a smidge of stubble enhances Lloris’s already strong jaw. No, the point here is to give a shoutout to a man who caused you to fall hard in the past week. If he’s easy on the eyes, well, there’s no helping that, is there?

In Tottenham’s goalless draw against Manchester United, Lloris worked his ass off — fortunately, that’s a metaphor — to claim his #ManCrushMonday award. He denied Radamel Falcao from close range and stopped Robin van Persie from scoring one-on-one. He even used some sort of Jedi-mind-trick to warp Juan Mata’s tap-in into a shot into the stratosphere, eventually helping his team preserve a 0-0 on Sunday against the visiting Red Devils.

It’s United’s David De Gea that’s been getting the goalkeeper accolades as of late, even claiming to be “Man of the Match” in a game his side recently won 3-0. But against Manchester United, Lloris showed himself to be De Gea’s equal. And if that angers United fans, well, so much the better.