Soccer players are using LinkedIn to find new clubs

Soccer job-hunting on the internet used to be mainly the preserve of timewasters emailing their resumés to Manchester United after they’d led Olimpia Ljubljana to six successive Champions League titles on Football Manager.

Now Demy de Zeeuw has taken things a step further. The midfielder has reportedly gone where millions of office-bound middle managers have tread and advertised his talents on LinkedIn.

This lurking at the virtual water cooler and hoping someone walks by is a bit weird: he’s a 27-time Dutch international who’s played for Ajax. It’s surely safe to assume that everyone who might consider offering him a job already knows who he is. He’s had 31 years to attract their attention, after all.

De Zeeuw mentions MLS as a possible destination, which conjures up images of Bruce Arena spending his afternoons searching for players on Perhaps de Zeeuw’s getting desperate after months out of the game following his summer exit from Anderlecht, and a quick search suggests plenty of ex-players and coaches are indeed using the services of LinkedIn.

Maybe some players are simply not too keen on paying an agent 15 percent of their future earnings to pick up the phone a couple times. But really, just linking to a YouTube highlights reel ain’t gonna cut it. Go the full Michael Owen and produce a glossy 32-page dossier.