Royston Drenthe shows glimpse of “used to play for Real Madrid”

Royston Drenthe used to play for Real Madrid. It’s how his friends introduce him at bars and wedding receptions. He left the club, in some part, due to anxiety issues from playing in front of Madrid’s huge, demanding home crowds.

Now, at 27, Drenthe suits up for Sheffield Wednesday in the glorious Championship — a great place to land if you don’t want people looking at you or having expectations — where he’s on loan from ex-Premier League team Bobby Convey FC (Reading).

Two days ago, on Boxing Day (Evander Holyfield’s birthday, I assume), Drenthe channeled his inner Real Madrid against Blackpool:

*checks voicemail for transfer rumors*

Unrelated, did you know that Royston allegedly spits hot fire? I have no idea what he’s saying, but this could be hot fire. Maybe.

Who else used to play for Real Madrid?