Nearly Naked Neymar made an appearance in Brazil, also picked up Robinho in a golf cart

What did you do for Christmas? If you’re still wearing your clothes, the answer is “not as much as Neymar,” who found another reason to get into his tighty whities in front of the world’s cameras. But let’s built to that.

The Barcelona star has been back in Brazil of late, participating in holiday festivities that included a celebrity game between a group of his friends and, well, another group of friends, probably. Neymar seems like a very nice guy. His only fault may be having too many friends.

He almost may be too much of a giver. Example: When former teammate Robinho went down with a suspiciously coincidentally injury near the end of yesterday’s exhibition, Neymar was the man who organized the rescue. Jumping behind the wheel of the cart, Neymar sped Robinho from the field in case he needed emergency attention. Thankfully, he did not.

Neymar’s graciousness didn’t end there. After the game, the former Santos star combined his need to give with an exhibitionists’ bent, throwing his clothes into the crowd as the players left the field.

He may not have the body of Cristiano Ronaldo, but there’s time. Besides, the Neymar we have already appeals to a different demographic, possibly explaining why he was willing to get into his underwear here (and, unfortunately, here).

Is the world a better place with a Nearly Naked Neymar? I don’t know, but Nearly Naked Neymar doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. In fact, he’s finding more excuses to come out. For some, this may be a Christmas present. For others, it’s another day in the life of the 22-year-old exhibitionist.