Simon Mignolet gets another shot for Liverpool and it doesn’t go well

Okay, let’s rewind and recap how we got to the Vine above.

In the summer of 2013, Liverpool bought Simon Mignolet to replace the not-gone-yet-but-soon-dispatched Pepe Reina. He looked okay at shot stopping and kind of soft overall. But he had a few hot displays so people thought he could do the job instead of Reina, and I started calling him MigNO-LET-IN, which is funny.

Then this year Mignolet was awful. Former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar called him “worse than Dracula,” because at least Dracula leaves his box every once in a while. Grobbelaar suggested dropping Mignolet for Brad Jones in the short term and buying a real goalkeeper in January.

Eventually, Brendan Rodgers agreed. After plopping out of the Champions League on Dec.9, Mignolet moved to the bench and Jones started four games in a row. Jones is not a good goalkeeper, but he’s also not a calamitous goalkeeper, so it seemed like a fair tradeoff.

Anyway, 16 minutes into the game against Burnley on Boxing Day, Jones injured his thigh. Mignolet subbed in.

At some point during the 1-0 win, instead of clearing a backpass like a normal human, he let it roll out of play and then cleared it, as seen in the Vine above.

Joke’s on Grobbelaar. Mignolet was technically out of his box.