Somebody named Captain Football is sitting on a statue to raise awareness for adoption

Thirty-eight-year-old Ben Daeffler, a.k.a. Captain Football, is putting on loose spandex — yes, that’s worse than tight spandex, because it’s non-committal — and a cape to spend a full week atop the Derby Ram statue. He’ll miss work and even starve himself while he’s there, all in the name of “raising awareness,” a wonderfully nebulous modern concept.

“The big things that are going to be difficult are sleeping, eating and going to the toilet.”

“Sleeping won’t be a problem for me. I have a real tolerance for going without sleep. I reckon I could go for the week without sleep but I think I will probably have to get my head down for a bit.”

“In terms of eating the human body can survive without food for a week, all that you need is water, so that kind of deals with one of toilet needs!”

At first approach, I really want to make fun of this man, possibly report him to the authorities and have him put on some kind of INTERPOL watch list. Usually its the insane or fame-seeking who do this sort of thing, but it appears Daeffler has a genuine cause in mind.

“I am doing this to raise awareness of [foster parenting] and hopefully inspire people to take on a kid. The people who take kids like that are the real super heroes. It is a cause that I have had personal experience with and I want to help in any way I can.”

Daeffler is a youth coach at a local recreational facility. This Derby Ram sit-in isn’t his first charitable stunt as Captain Football. He originally created the character to appear at matches as an anti-racism champion. He’s also clapped for 31 consecutive hours in support of a radio host who was stricken with cancer. He’s an oddball, but he’s the people’s oddball.

“What would be amazing for me would be to inspire someone to start the (adoption) process while I am on there. Then hopefully a year later that family can come down and see me with the little girl or boy that they have because of my challenge.”

Daeffler is still a strange man for doing this, and I may not want him around any children I theoretically had, but his heart’s in the right place. That counts for something. Godspeed, Captain Football.