West Ham travels to Stamford Bridge in a 19th century tweet

It’s Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, when the Commonwealth wakes up to fit in a proper pint while taking in a game of the footballs. Or something like that. Today’s first Premier League fixture has league-leading Chelsea taking on the league’s surprise package, Sam Allaryce’s West Ham, who, shockingly, sit in fourth place.

Last year when the two teams faced off, soccer historian José Mourinho responded to the scoreless draw by accusing West Ham of playing “football from the 19th century.” Mourinho felt Allardyce’s team was wasting time and trying to kill the game from shortly after kickoff, which I suppose is how they played in the 19th century.

When asked for his thoughts on Mourinho’s comments, Allardyce appropriately responded: “I don’t give a shite, to be honest.” Which is a fair point.

Since then, the two managers have seemingly become close friends. But no one apparently shared this new information with West Ham’s social media team, who posted a real picture of the Hammers arriving at Stamford Bridge ahead of today’s game.

That’s quality trolling right there.