Some guy in England’s fifth division kissed an opponent and got booked

What you are watching, in the nine-second video, above, is Lee Mansell kissing JJ O’Donnell. Twice.

Mansell is a soccerball player for Bristol Rovers in the Conference Premier (the fifth tier in England). In a 3-2 win over Gateshead, Mansell scored an equalizer and then touched noses with O’Donnell. They end up smooching, twice, and Mansell got a yellow.

We’ll let Mansell take it from here, via the Beeb:

“We either clash heads and he goes down or I end up doing something silly. I did it to defuse the situation. It’s the first time I’ve been booked for kissing someone.”

He continued: “I got in the car to go home and saw Twitter had lit up and my missus said: ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ But we had a laugh and a joke about it with the lads afterwards. It’s another thing to add to the list of daft things I’ve done on the football pitch.”

A couple observations.

  1. I like the idea that someone asked him if this is the first time he’s ever kissed someone in a soccer game before, and, if not, if he got booked then as well.
  2. Note that he joked about it “with the lads” after, not his wife. Presumably she’s still miffed he was smooching other people.
  3. I’d probably read a list of other daft things Mansell has done on the field, if you’ve got one handy.
  4. Watch the video again. O’Donnell holds his nose, then fans his hand in front of his face. Mansell might want to ask for some breath mints for Christmas.


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