Wait. Iker Casillas is the “King of Africa”?

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.42.09 PM


I just had to post this Marca article somewhere because “The King of Africa” needs several homes. Kings of Africa live lavishly, you know. Also, a few other things to note:

1. “… in the Dark Continent,” because is this the 19th century?

2. That picture is amazing. I’ve been to the Dark Continent a lot, and there are seldom times when you’re surrounded by that many police officers and smiling. It just doesn’t happen, unless you’re a police officer. And yes, I’m talking about every single African country. Because they’re all the same.

3. It would be quite the story if we found out that, after this picture was taken, Casillas spent several days in prison for being drunk.

4. Africa isn’t Coming to America. Stop trying to keep setting up monarchies.

5. “… consolidate his position as King of Africa.” My sides are aching from laughing.

6. The officers may have tricked Casillas into doing rites-of-passage-type things for a laugh and we just haven’t seen pictures of naked Casillas riding a goat through a market. Yet.

7. Since I can’t speak for the whole group, at our next meeting, I’ll ask the other Africans whether they think that conquering Nigeria (country), Johannesburg (city), and Marrakech (city) is a viable path to “King of Africa.” I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but I’m open-minded about finding out. If it is, trust that I won’t share that knowledge with the general public. Or maybe I will.

Anyway, this is my favorite article of the day. Thank you, Marca.


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