Luis Suárez scores first La Liga goal, is so happy he pretends to bite Pedro

After seven league appearance and 577 minutes of domestic play, Luis Suárez has finally written his name into the La Liga scoring record for Barcelona. His previous two goals with the club both came in Champions League play.

Suárez’s finish was the second goal of what would be a 5-0 walk-away for Barça. The writing on the wall was written in permanent marker within minutes of kickoff, as it took Pedro a Barca-eternity (two minutes) to open the scoring. Córdoba could have walked away then and given beIN the chance to find more compelling programming, but they stuck with it — for the kids.

Back to Suárez. Though fans think of him as one of the best strikers in the world, the singularity of his goal harvest isn’t necessarily a sign of failure. With Barcelona, he tends to occupy a space somewhere between a true striker and an attacking winger, often making the final pass for one of the 4-5 goals Barcelona will score on a given day.

More importantly, Suárez appears to have found some level of comfort with his new club.

“I kissed my hand for my wife and for my two kids, who stayed at home.

“I was able to score, and that leaves me more relaxed. I am a forward and I must score goals, but I am helping the team to achieve things. That means I was not obsessed about this.”

Suárez is settled on the field, and it shows in his performance. With only a single league goal to show for it, he has become an invaluable piece as the most disruptive, hard-to-plan-for element in the most advanced parts of Barcelona’s attack. If things look even easier than usual for Messi this year, it’s in large part thanks to Suárez.

As far as a more personal comfort — though he’s told us repeatedly and we choose not believe it — Luis Suárez does not give a shit what we think about him biting a few guys. If there was any doubt, here he is celebrating that first goal by pretending to bite Pedro.



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