Falcao earns a point for Manchester United and peace of mind

When you’re coming off of six straight wins, a 1-1 road draw with Aston Villa doesn’t feel so bad. OK, so Manchester United dominated possession and played with a man advantage for 25 minutes, but life is about the small things. Or the big picture. Who knows?

The reborn, resurgent, rejuvenated, re-something United continued their sprint back to respectability today with the help of a goal from Radamel Falcao. You may remember him from FIFA 14 arguments, Colombian pre-World Cup tears, and hyperbolic preseason reports.

Look at the exuberance! This is the look of a man who knows that some high-end loan shark in Manchester — possibly Mix Diskerud’s dad — is holding his family hostage until he justifies the money United is shipping to Monaco (unmarked bills, plastic wrapped, packed in coffee to hide the scent…allegedly).

If lightning strikes and van Persie and Falcao are ever alive at the same time, Manchester United could become this year’s Liverpool — a very-good-not-great team making the most of not having to deal with a loaded European schedule — and make an entertaining run for the top of the Premier League.

But that probably won’t happen. Nice goal, though.



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