Jérémy Ménez runs through Napoli and his own hype

Jérémy Ménez is putting in work this season.


Not like that. He’s over at AC Milan balling.


Cut it out. This isn’t what I meant.

(Who am I talking to?)

Since arriving in Italy this summer, Jérémy Ménez has been a constant on the team sheet, netting eight goals — five in his last five Serie A matches — for a Milan club desperate to regain its place among the Italian and European elite.

This season stands in stark contrast with the rest of his career, particularly with PSG, which has been marked with stories of how good Ménez should be, or thought he was, rather than his body of work on the field. Ménez has been trying to tell us he was this good for a long time. His whining now sounds like prophecy.

Today’s goal in Milan’s much-needed 2-0 win over Napoli was Maximum Ménez: a perfect snapshot of everything that makes him a great watch — quicker than he is fast, more instinctual than technical, unafraid of risk. He’s the sort of player Premier League fans hate. That’s fun.

Ménez has been on the brink of success for a few years. It seems that at 27, he may finally be who he’s been telling us he is for years. Away from the pressures of home (France) and Paris, he has already topped his personal best for goals in a season. And it’s only the beginning of December.

Ménez deservedly gained a ton of detractors and negative press about his comments, perceived attitude and commitment. Many said his acquisition would be an expensive mistake for AC Milan, who had no room to miss on a signing after a disastrous season. But he’s heard it all, and things have been a bit quieter this season.