Zlatan Ibrahimović’s loss diminishes the value of goals

This is the saddest video footage you will ever see.

Worse than any “adopt this dirty puppy” or “feed these Third World babies” footage, Zlatan Ibrahimović missing from close range is an emotional affair. Consider that this was late in a game that Paris Saint-Germain would lose 1-0, and it’s hard to fight back the tears.

Today’s loss away to Guingamp was PSG’s first in Ligue 1. Playing Barcelona midweek in the Champions League provides an easy excuse, but it doesn’t ease the pain of that Vine. If Zlatan can miss in a critical moment, than what hope is there for any of us?

Makes you think. What are goals, anyway? “Goals.” What do they really mean? If Guingamp can have one and Zlatan can’t, are they really that important?

Maybe putting the ball into the net isn’t the best way to measure a team’s success. No one ever puts “state of mind” on the stat sheet. Which is sad, because it’s important.