Dave Whelan seals his place as England’s Donald Sterling by accepting the FA’s charge

Dave Whelan, Wigan chairman and England’s answer to Donald Sterling, has accepted his FA charge over inappropriate comments made about, well, everything.

The FA charge stemmed from a series of comments Whelan made following the unveiling of new Latics manager Malky Mackay. Wigan’s appointment of Mackay was questioned due to a series of untoward text messages sent to Iain Moody during the manager’s tenure at Cardiff City. Whelan decided to confront these Mackay characterizations head on. Everything that happened afterwards was pure disaster.

One of the highlights from his damage control interviews mixtape:

“When I was growing up we used to call the Chinese ‘chingalings.’ We weren’t being disrespected (sic). We used to say, ‘we’re going to eat in ’ The Chinese weren’t offended by that. That was the name everyone in Wigan called it [the first Chinese cafe in Wigan].”

Whelan had stated that he would step down as Wigan chairman if the FA even suggested that he’s guilty. But now that’s he has accepted the charge, Whelan has gone back to his now familiar refrain that he’s been “misquoted and misrepresented.”

Turns out, nothing that Whelan says is an accurate representation of what Whelan actually means.