Barcelona relives olden days and goes scoreless against Getafe

Don’t mind if I do.

The last time Barcelona were held scoreless, loose dragons roamed the earth. Gas was a mere dollar a gallon. R&B lyrics were less literal. Illegal streams of European games only came in black and white. It was a different time.

*looks up statistics*

Correction. The last time Barcelona was held scoreless was on Nov. 1. The only thing different back then: We thought police chokeholds were illegal.

Still, considering we just spent a week talking about how there’s nothing left to say about Messi scoring goals, it’s a noteworthy occasion. Barça suffered the indignity of a 0-0 road draw to Getafe today, made extra painful by Lionel Messi missing this free kick goal by a matter of inches.

There are rumors that Getafe doesn’t adhere to the Uniform Crossbar Thickness guidelines. This could be the result. Excellent planning ahead on its part.


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