Frank Lampard, oldest person ever to score a goal, will probably not come to MLS on time

Two pieces of news:

1.) Manchester City’s Frank Lampard, at 76 years of age, just became the oldest person in the history of soccer to score a goal.

Or something like that.

2.) Frank Lampard, one of New York City Football Club’s (NYCFC) marquee signings (along with David Villa), will not be joining NYCFC for the beginning of its inaugural MLS season in March. This isn’t official news, because people aren’t really saying official things. But City coach Manuel Pellegrini wants Lampard’s loan to last until the end of the season:

“I hope we can have a decision as soon as possible because it’s important for us and the players.

“If he can finish the year [season] here, that would be better.”

You know what that means.

Lampard has been silent on the matter. But if you’ve watched any episode of Sons of Anarchy, you know that Lampard’s silence means he’s guilty of betraying his club. Thus, don’t be surprised if, come March, Old Man Lampard is out there in Manchester playing the soccerball in the self-proclaimed greatest league in the world as opposed to doing the right thing and playing soccer in a baseball stadium.