New York City FC supporters condemned to life in the cheap seats



The seating map for New York City FC’s first season at Yankee stadium is being passed around the internet again today. It’s bad enough that the club is launching in a baseball stadium in the Bronx, but it’s especially insulting that supporters have been shoved into cheap upper-deck seats. It gives the impression that fans in the lower deck will look up to the rowdy folks upstairs and refer to them as “the poors” — assuming any soccer fan willing to pay $175 a pop for a night of MLS expansion soccer is also the type of person who has any interest is going Uptown.

Given the history of the team’s ownership group, the way MLS tripped over itself to accept their $100 million check, and the generally entitled snobbishness so many NYCFC supporters have developed for a club that has yet to kick a ball, New York’s blue team is the least sympathetic bunch in the league. It’s fun to laugh at their expense. It makes a local(ish) boy homesick.

Which train runs to that upper deck? OHHHHHHH!

How long until the section is gentrified and the Third Rail can’t afford the seats? OHHHHHHH!

Maybe the section is called the “Upper-East Side.” Supporters need to apply and come from a good NYC family. BADA-BING!

Are the supporters that far away so they can’t hear Frank Lampard’s knees creak? OHHHHHHH!

Were the fans pushed upstairs because Sheikh Mansour discovered oil at field level? FUGHEDDABOWDIT!

The yellow section is reserved for Derek Jeter one-night stand participants. Purple is for his retirement gifts. OHHHHHHH!

Between this seating chart, the rent-a-shirt design from Manchester City and the rumors of Frank Lampard’s loan to the parent club being extended, NYCFC fans — many new to the ways of MLS because Red Bull New York wasn’t up to their standards — are getting a harsh lesson in how the domestic soccer world works. How’s all that “unique identity” talk working out? Close your eyes and dream of that Vincent Kompany signing. January 2019 isn’t too far away.


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