Football Manager has decided Frank Lampard and David Villa won’t be inherently unhappy in New York

Divorce creation software Football Manager was apparently shipping with a healthy dose of skepticism about Major League Soccer’s new pet project, New York City FC. The Manchester City offshoot that will begin play in March has already secured the services of David Villa and Frank Lampard, but in previous versions of Sports Interactive’s life sponge, those stars would arrive in New York with “unhappy” morale.

Granted, it’s not hard to see why players who’ve enjoyed the Nou Camp and Stamford Bridge would find playing in Yankee Stadium a demoralizing experience, but the morale setting was still a little assumptive. Besides, in Football Manager, players do not perform as well when they’re unhappy, I’m lead to believe. That’s no fun for anybody managing NYCFC – undoubtedly people who’ve followed the franchise since last year’s day one!

Now, according to FM’s most recent update, that problem’s been addressed, along with seemingly serious stuff like software stability and performance, the match engine, transfer and contracts logic, blah blah blah. Just tell us David and Frank won’t be unhappy in New York:

Now they’ll give the Big Apple a fair shot, leaving only one problem: Assuming Frank Lampard will ever come.


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