Promotion-relegation clowns learn to fly for MLS Cup


If comedic justice exists, Don Garber just put on a flight suit and took off in one of Manchester City’s private jets, with a huge “…OR NAH” banner trailed off its tail.

What a monumental waste of money. Paying for a pro-Promotion-relegation banner to be flown above StubHub Center during today’s MLS Cup final. That plane could have been filled with petitions and URLs, or something else equally ineffective . Promotion-relegation is zero percent more likely now than before that crop-duster took off.

2014 truly has been the year MLS fans reached peak riled up-ness about pointless shit that they have no control over, but Pro-Rel goblins are the worst. It’s hard enough for them to carry on a normal conversation, so they had to resort to this to let you know just how lubricated their grip on reality is.

This plane should be the new league logo. Put it to a fan vote. Use that vacant space in the league’s new emblem. Immortalize the day those goblins lost all perspective on U.S. and Canadian soccer.

Maybe it’s a good thing the season ended today. I think we all need a break … from each other.

Jermaine, thoughts?