FC Veris drops out of Moldovan league because they don’t like refereeing decisions

It’s been a minute since we covered the Moldova’s Divizia Nationala, the Eastern European nation’s top soccer league. Fine, we’ve never said a word about the Moldovan league before. But we’re going to rectify that today. Briefly.

This time last week, Moldova’s FC Veris was sitting atop the Divizia Nationala. Things were great. Birds were singing, Moldavans were eating and drinking Moldovan things, probably, and Veris hadn’t quit playing in the Divizia Nationala because they disapproved of refereeing decisions.

After losing 1-0 to their main rival, Sheriff, last Thursday in the Moldova Cup quarterfinals, Veris owner Vladimir Niculae wrote a letter to the Moldovan Football Federation (MFF) asking for his team to be able to drop out of the league because he wasn’t a fan of refereeing decisions. We haven’t seen the decisions. The MFF accepted Niculae’s request and Veris is officially no more. Sadly, now Veris has to find a real job.

The MFF handed Veris a three year suspension from play and, if they return post-suspension, the team will have to start play in Moldova’s third tier, Divizia B.

That’s weird. Life can’t be so bad when you’re at on top of the table, can it? Table-topping life is a struggle, it seems.

Now you have your dose of Moldovan soccer news and can go back to brunch or whatever it is that you’re doing.

You’re welcome.


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