Alejandro Bedoya scored a great goal against PSG, is now the best American alive

Looking for comfort and joy when it comes to an American player doing big things in Europe? As a loyal Klinsmann disciple, are you often left feeling unsatisfied after a weekend’s soccering endeavors? Then have some of this banger from Alejandro Bedoya.

The big American “over there” news of the day came with the announcement that Jozy Altidore would get the start for Sunderland against Liverpool, but that didn’t amount to anything. Meanwhile in France, one of the other guys from Jersey (sorry, Florida, Jozy is ours), Alejandro Bedoya made his eighth start in 13 appearances for Nantes in Ligue 1.

Bedoya’s stat sheet isn’t sparkling. Today’s goal was his first goal of the season and he has no credited assists. But if the Rules of American Soccer Fandom dictate that the only thing that matters for progress is consistent top-flight minutes, maybe Bedoya has been the next great hope all along.

Basing Bedoya’s next-great-hopeness on one goal would be silly and shortsighted, but so is the entire conversation about how American players are “supposed to” approach their club careers. So just run with it. As of this moment, Alejandro Bedoya is the best American player alive. May anyone who argues this point be carried out of the American soccer circle of trust on Ben Franklin’s kite.


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