Want to spend a night at Iniesta’s vineyard? Then click on over to Airbnb today

If you click your computer buttons over to Airbnb, you will find Andres Iniesta’s family vineyard. Yes, that Iniesta. The pale balding one who won the World Cup for Spain in 2010. The vineyard is creatively called Bodega Iniesta and it’s located near Albacete. Of course, there’s a slight catch. This is a one-off listing. You can submit 100 words explaining why you and one friend should be picked for the private tour.

Here’s what Iniesta posted: “For my family, the bodega is a dream come true. I want to share this charming space with travelers who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

And: “Although people know me for my passion for football, we hope to share our other concerns. Such as our love of nature and the exquisite fruit of our vineyards.”

So if you want to get sloshed with Iniesta … Sorry. If you want to, ahem, partake in nature and the exquisite fruit of the vineyards, bid away. Unfortunately, the contest is not open to residents of North Korea, Cuba, Iran or Indonesia. So if you’re reading the Soccer Gods from North Korea, Cuba, Iran or Indonesia, you’re out of luck.