Arsenal hero Ian Wright was rejected at his Star Wars audition

Tough times for the Wright family. First, Bradley Wright-Phillips was left off the list of nominees for MLS Most Valuable Player, despite tying the single-season goal record. Then he was suspended from the second leg of the Eastern Conference final after receiving a dodgy yellow card and watched New York bow out without him. Now, his father, Arsenal legend Ian Wright has suffered an even greater indignity. He was denied the chance to play a Storm Trooper in the new Star Wars movie. Life is cold and merciless.

In a BBC Radio interview, Wright said “I wanted to be a stormtrooper in Star Wars but you have to be 5 foot, 11 inches and I was too short. Two of my friends got to do it.”

This man knows the meaning of true suffering. Imagine all the residual checks he’s going to miss out on. Even a few seconds of helmeted, silent screen time in a Star Wars flick has to be worth a few million dollars. This heightest injustice is worth of a social media campaign. George Lucas needs to be put in his place. We forgave him for Jar Jar Binks, but this is too far! How much is one family meant to endure?


I’m calling for a global boycott. Until Ian Wright is CGI’d into The Force Awakens, Episode XXVIII or whatever it is, J.J. Abrams will know what “the force” really means!

Who’s with me?!

Someone check on Shaun Wright-Phillips! Make sure he’s OK!