A man went streaking in a Santa Claus beard during an Eredivisie match

In this era of ubiquitous internet porn, old-school streakers are no longer risqué. Even at Wimbledon — previously, the Wimbledon of streaking opportunities — nobody beyond hardcore tennis fans care about the nudists who brave Centre Court. When you embrace a genre were clothes are verboten, branding’s really hard.

Christmas, however, helps, as we saw this weekend in the Netherlands. During an Eredivisie match between Cambuur and AZ, a brave ridiculous soul dawned a Santa Claus hat and beard to disrupt a first division match.

While cute and timely, the attire was also a curious choice, as Frostbite (as I’m calling him) became anonymous for his 15 minutes of fame. At least now he’ll always be able to deny it to mom.

This is usually where I note who won the match, but it’s not like one naked man is going to get you interested in Dutch votebol. Just enjoy what you’re really here for: Public nudity.