Liverpool get back on track to slightly above terrible

It’s been a rough Thanksgiving week for Liverpool, but it ended with a bit of sunshine.

[Note: The English don’t care about Thanksgiving week, but I have a blog narrative to form.]

While we were all thinking about our traditional roasted meats and writing letters to Santa Claus’s brother, Steve, who lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Brendan Rodgers & Co. were holding onto their wits and wondering if they’d ever again be happy enough to eat pumpkin pie.

Rodgers has been on a depressing quote binge of late. If he isn’t giving interviews that sound like a post-layoff performance review, he’s been talking about Steven Gerrard like he was preparing notes for a eulogy.

Then came the horrors away to Ludogorets, a draw so strange that it may have finally broken Soccer Gods co-host Simon Carr for good.

Today was a bit better, though. Anfield saw the home team walk away with a much-needed win thanks to the late heroics of Glen Johnson. You read that right — late heroics of Glen Johnson. Johnson scored a “diving header” (you’ll see why it’s in quotes below) in the 85th minute, which could be just the sort of mojo changer Liverpool have been looking for, or, it could be a sign of bigger problems. But during this blessed holiday season, its best to accentuate the positive.

The win only boosts Liverpool to 11th place, but think about how close that is to single digits. If Mario Balotelli and both of his hamstrings return soon, they could be staring at a sweet and lofty ninth with a little help and effort.