Amateur goalkeeper leaves game to oversee cow giving birth; his team loses 20-0

I’ll bet the Marly-Gomont coach had a cow after losing 20-0.

Here’s what we know about the French amateur game, thanks to L’Aisne Nouvelle:

  • The starting goalkeeper left after 25 minutes. This is amateur ball, and he’s a farmer. So when his cow went into labor, he had to leave to oversee it.
  • The lineup was already depleted by 14 injures. Four 17-year-olds started.
  • There was only one sub available: the club’s 61-year-old president.
  • Marly-Gomont was already down 5-0 when the goalkeeper left. The rival team, Tupigny, scored five more in the first half, and 10 more in the second.
  • The president, Alain Braghéri, somehow found a silver lining: “For me, what’s left is our spirit. What’s more important: Participate by taking a nice pill or simply to withdraw and not play?”
  • I don’t know what the expression “a nice pill” means.


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