Someone argues Sergio Agüero is the best in the world: What’s your response?

Messi. Ronaldo. Messi. Ronaldo. Again, again, again.

We get it. Those two are Nos. 1 and 2 in the world in whatever order you want to put them. Isn’t that getting a little boring by now? We need some new blood to argue about, and even may not be on par with those other two yet, but Sergio Agüero is making a serious claim to be Best of the Rest.

Besides, what’s more fun than arguing subjective points about soccer than can’t be proven anyway? Nothing! So we brought the hypothetical to you…

The biggest non-surprise surprise response came from Soccer Gods co-host Nando Vila himself, who moonlights as president of the Miami chapter of the Cristiano Ronaldo Appreciation Society: