Gervinho tried to smuggle a woman into Italy and got four security guards fired in the process

This is bizarre. So very, very bizarre.

Everyone’s favorite player, Roma and Ivory Coast winger-ish person Gervinho, seems to have run into a bit of trouble at the airport. Ivorian newspaper IMatin reported (in French) that Gervinho, after playing in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier last week, attempted to bring a woman back to Rome with him. Fair enough. So far, so good.

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IMatin reports that Roma provided Gervinho with a private jet to return to Italy, but when the Giallorossi player arrived at the airport in Abidjan, he was with an unauthorized guest who had a suitcase in hand. According to IMatin, Gervinho then proceeded to bribe four airport security officers to get his unauthorized guest through security. The plane pilot, however, wouldn’t sign off on transporting Gervinho’s friend, as he had been given strict instructions only to return with the player.

The four security officers were subsequently fired from their posts. Gervinho, however, got onto the plane, flew to Rome, and continued to live his life as normal. Because apparently the penalty for trying to take someone out of the Ivory Coast without authorization is nothing. Corruption: It’s a beautiful thing, especially when you have access to a private jet.

So here’s a question: If these officers did something wrong by taking a bribe, wouldn’t Gervinho have broken some law by bribing airport officials?