Lukas Podolski uses free time to create clothing line

Arsenal and Germany forward Lukas Podolski hasn’t been seeing much game time this season. Over a 20-game span, Podolski has only made one start and seven substitute appearances.

He’s had a lot of time on his hands, which is often a recipe for lethargy and tanking productivity. But don’t let anyone tell you that Podolski isn’t working hard, because it seems that he’s used that free time to channel his inner Ryan Babel and start a new clothing line, STRASSENKICKER.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.50.10 PM

STRASSENKICKER is a collection of caps, beanies, t-shirts, track suits and hoodies, mostly screened with Cologne (FC Köln) references — the club where Podolski got his start — and the German international’s catchphrase, “Aha!”

Apparently the beanie is so insulated that you don’t have to wear any clothes. That some impressive technology. Although shoes still seem to be recommended.

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On the t-shirt front, STRASSENKICKER sells classic Run DMC-styled shirts as well as an item featuring a seemingly street-savvy dog that walks on two feet and wears its hat to the back.

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Podolski’s entrepreneurial spirit should be applauded. He certainly isn’t some “clown who [will] sit out his contract in the stands.”

They also make street-savvy dog hates, in case you’re wondering.

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