David Moyes’s makes Spanish television debut, gets bumped by fake animals

Oh noes, David Moyes.

You may remember yesterday (Saturday) as the day a minor Argentine figure earning a meager paycheck in Spain scored goal no. 253 in La Liga. You may remember it as an important day in the race for the coveted Wenger Trophy. But for about six to eight people, all eyes were on Estadio Riazor, where Englishman David Moyes took charge of La Real Sociedad for the first time against a struggling Deportivo La Coruña team. For those who were unfortunately (or fortunately) unable to score tickets to the game, they could find it on television. That was probably preferable to those with responsibilities because the game kicked off at 10pm.

Hours prior to kickoff, it seemed that Spain was excited.

Spanish television channel Cuatro had the honor of broadcasting Moyes’s debut. But it turns out, Cuatro had other ideas, and they didn’t include showing Moyes on Cuatro‘s main channel. Instead, he was relegated to a minor channel and Cuatro ran with Madagascar 3: De Marcha Por Europa.

The lesson: Always trust Twitter trends. The Twitter never lies. While Moyes may have been important, the list clearly shows that he’s not more important than Madagascar 3 en Español.

The game ended scoreless. It seems that Cuatro knows what it’s doing.