Carlo Ancelotti celebrates Ronaldo goals better than Ronaldo himself

Published this week, our #SG25 list of the world’s most intriguing players featured five (Benzema, Kroos, Bale, James and Ronaldo) from Real Madrid. We swear that wasn’t deliberate. Despite all the fascinating personnel, the star of the Galácticos 4-0 win over Eibar today was the team’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti.

The moment came early, when moments after Cristiano Ronaldo added another fine goal to his collection, putting Madrid ahead 2-0. He also has an impressive stash of unopened Transformers. Allegedly.

An expectedly lovely finish from the golden boy of cheekiness and questionable winks, but what made it so spectacular was Ancelotti’s reaction. From the technical area, he jumped — “jumped” — and mimicked Ronaldo’s signature celebration.

He was the perfect reminder of what so many of us will face this Thanksgiving.: our grandfathers hitting the cognac a little too hard and once again telling embarrassing stories about how they were the man 55 years ago. “What you know about this right here?!” Nothing, Grandpa Carlo. Nothing.