Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere play fights with Marouane Fellaini, only loses credibility

Jack Wishere’s belligerence reminds me of a Westie challenging a Pit Bull to weekly octagon fights, knowing that its owner would never allow that to happen.

In today’s epic-in-name-and-memory-only contest between Arsenal and Manchester United, Wilshere continued to cement his reputation as a passionate or hot-headed or dense or sophisticated type of player. You pick whatever adjective works with your narrative. During the first half, the England international — as he does — got into a little tussle with the much larger Marouane Fellaini. Here’s how it went:

And that was pretty much it. Both Wilshere and Fellaini escaped without criminal records or cards, and English Jack Wilshere lived on to almost-fight another day. Here’s the the tussle in Vine form. If you’re not a fan of profanity, don’t look at Fellaini’s lips at the end.