Russian player hires live bear for two-year-old son’s birthday party


Russian soccer: A never-ending source of ridiculous headlines and stories. This time, they may have outdone themselves. Kirill Kombarov, a player for Torpedo Moscow (a wonderfully named club) has received criticism for hiring a live bear as entertainment for his two-year-old son’s birthday party. In Kombarov’s defense, the bear was muzzled, so the threat of his child being eaten was minimal.

Kombarov was sitting at home, watching the Stepan Nikulin circus, and was enamored by the young bear’s acrobatic ability. We’ve all been there. You see a trained animal pull off a stunt and think “That would be pretty sweet” at your next party. Fortunately, most of us don’t have the income of a professional soccer player and can’t actually make it happen.

The birthday boy, Timofei, seemed pretty cool about the whole thing. Like riding bears is just what he’s all about at this stage of his development. This toddler is fearless and destined for great things.

His father may be another story. Kombarov was heavily criticized by fans on social media, to the point that he deleted any photos of his son with his newly conquered best friend.