#SG25 No. 24 – Didier Drogba: The Drogfather


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At 36 years old, you might think that Didier Drogba doesn’t have the energy to be entertaining, let alone be on a sophisticated list of the most entertain-iest players in the world, like the incredibly sexy, inaugural #SG25. But you would be incorrect. As Drogba’s Chelsea teammate Eden Hazard is well aware, the former Ivorian international is still royalty and deserves to wear a robe with a gold “DD” on the back when he plays.

When Drogba moved from Marseille to Chelsea in 2004, not many would have guessed that he would reach a century of goals before moving on to China and Turkey, let alone return to his spiritual home at Stamford Bridge. If you watched Drogba when he first moved to Chelsea, the raw talent was obvious, though it didn’t look like the building blocks of anything legendary. But eventually, even the early haters have come around to the undeniable.

The one possible asterisk on Drogba’s resume is the fact that his incredibly talented-on-paper Côte d’Ivoire team, which he captained, never won the Africa Cup of Nations, also failing to progress out of admittedly difficult World Cup group stages in three attempts (2006, 2010, 2014). But Drogba, even bearded Drogba (aka Drogbeard), can’t play every position on the field at once.

Drogba won us over in the same manner that he won so many games for Chelsea: through sheer force of will, by showing up over and over and over again until we could no longer deny what we were witnessing. And that was just on the field. Off of it, when he hasn’t been saving Chelsea from certain doom, Drogba has been instrumental in negotiating an end to conflict in Côte d’Ivoire, donating his time and resources to health and education initiatives through The Didier Drogba Foundation, launching an underwear line, and gracing covers of GQ in Turkey.

Somehow, he still had time to convince Claude Makélélé to do this:

Now on his second stint at Chelsea, Drogba continues to convince leftover naysayers that he’s capable of more than what people expect. The only thing we struggle to accept? His perm, but we’ve grown to appreciate it, which is a big step for us, as we typically can’t support such hair atrocities. We won’t even hold this picture with Drake against him.

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The Drogfather, putting a horse head in all of our beds since around 2003, hopefully coming to a theater near all of us soon. And hopefully it has this on the soundtrack.

The Fake numbers

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Didier Drogba 7.3 7.0 7.0 7.6 9 9.5 77.57
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