Enzo Zidane earned his first YouTube highlight in his debut for Real Madrid Castilla

That Beckham kid was getting all the press. Zinedine Zidane was probably sick of it. Out for dinner with his wife and David is sending him braggadocios full of emojis and spelling errors, linking to his famous kids’s new media coverage. Family pride is a serious thing.

To advance the Zidane name in the Former Real Madrid Dad Power Rankings, Zinedine has unleashed his progeny, Enzo Zidane, onto the world. This weekend, the 19-year-old made his debut with Madrid’s reserve team, Real Madrid Castilla in the Spanish third division.

Based on this 35-second YouTube clip, Enzo is nice – possibly better than his father. We live in a fast-paced world. It’s best to form bold opinions as quickly as possible.

Besides, he goes with “Enzo” on his jersey, so he must be good.

Paris Saint-Germain FC v Real Madrid - UEFA Youth League Quarter Final

The Arsenal academy is cool if you’re a Beckham, but Enzo is already on the internet crossing his peers up in real matches. Tell us more about that modeling contract, Brooklyn. Maybe if you spent less time posing for fancy pictures — or were five years older and had gone through he same training as Enzo — you, too, could be the king of some third division. But no, the Beckhams lack that Zidane family focus.

Enzo is 19 and probably doesn’t know how to ride a bike yet. There was no time for such frivolity during his childhood. He was watching grainy footage of his pops in the glory days, when Zidane’s hair was already on full cul-de-sac status and he was tossing individual awards into the fireplace because there was too much gold in the house.

Though the Spanish FA thinks he needs a piece of paper to prove he knows how soccer works, Zinedine is an assistant coach with Real Madrid Castilla. This is sure to make Enzo one of the best young players in Europe or drive him crazy, because no one wants to be around their dad all day every day.

Either way, he’ll be a name in the news for years to come, and really, what’s more important than that?



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