What is “The Jermaine Jones Experiment”?

During the U.S. men’s national team match against Colombia, we were re-introduced to “The Jermaine Jones Experiment;” ostensibly, the midfielder’s move into Jurgen Klinsmann’s central defense. This got us thinking: Imagine if we had zero knowledge of said experiment. Or imagine if we asked random people on the street what they thought “The Jermaine Jones Experiment” might be.

Well, Twitter is the next best thing to random people on the street. So we asked. Here are the answers:

Which one of these wins? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on twitter (just tweet @soccergods and use #TJJE). Maybe we’ll update this post and create a living document chronicling all of the possible things that might be “The Jermaine Jones Experiment.” Maybe there’ll be a prize. We don’t know. This is the internet in action, people. Get at us, and we’ll figure the rest out later.