La Real Sociedad employs ingenious negotiating tactic to nab David Moyes. Maybe.

Remember David Moyes? The man formerly and very briefly known as the manager of Manchester United? Well, as we (and others) reported yesterday, Moyes will be the new manager of La Liga’s La Real Sociedad. Except it seems that he hasn’t signed those magic papers covered in legalese, which would mean that he’s still unemployed. For now.

Earlier today, Guillem Balague, a journalist who always has his finger on the pulse of Spanish soccer, suggested that negotiations between Moyes and Sociedad have yet to be concluded.

As The Times Chief Sports Correspondent Matt Dickenson observed yesterday, if this is true, even if it still does seem inevitable that Moyes will take the job, La Real’s behavior then looks a bit bizarre.

That’s right. La Real Sociedad has already announced the Moyes signing on its website and on Twitter.

That’s quite a bold move if the deal isn’t officially completed, considering deals fall apart all the time at the last minute.

So it seems that either the deal is actually completed, and this is a lot of noise about nothing, or La Real has some real cajones, and perhaps this is all a strategy to scare other La Liga teams by acting crazy. Mind games are important.