Answer key: See how you did on that U.S. roster quiz we made up

Well, know-it-all, let’s see how well you’ve done …

(Haven’t taken the test? Go here, then come back. DO NOT LOOK BELOW THIS POINT.)

Answer Key:

1. C

2. B

3. B

4. B

5. B

6. C (You said A? Shame on you.)

7. A (Not so smart now, are you.)

8. C

Score Totals:

0 — Don’t even stress it. These are friendlies. The courage you had to make it this far is a fine display of your American spirit. Nope, you don’t know anything, but damn if you don’t keep trying. USA!

1-3 — It’s cool. You obviously have better things to do with your time than pretend to watch grainy streams of the Dutch third division. Live your life. What does Klinsmann know anyway?

4-5 — This is the sweet spot. You nailed it. You have the perfect amount of information on the U.S. roster: Some.

6-7 — No one believes you. You probably lied or guessed blindly. Most likely, you took this quiz at a party after lying about the films of some French director you’ve never seen. Stop it. Jean-Luc Croissant is NOT A REAL FILMMAKER! YOU. ARE. DRUNK.

8 — You lie and you cheat! Dieter Delgado isn’t a real player (but with a Mexican-German-American background. he would be the ultimate expression of Jügen Klinsmann’s dreams).

Ready to see the whole roster? We can’t blame you. Click here for Klinsmann’s 25-man squad.


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