Yaya Touré can’t get through one tweet without getting racial slurs

Grand opening. Grand closing.

Five months ago, Manchester City’s Yaya Touré abandoned his Twitter account to help himself focus on a World Cup run with Ivory Coast. Yesterday, he decided to make his return to social media. Twitter being what it is, and humans being what they are, Touré couldn’t even get through a “Happy Monday!” tweet before the racists showed up.

One tweet. One damn tweet. He still had 25 characters left.

“Racist” may be too grand a label for the clown in question. He probably wasn’t thinking about anything as high-minded as race relations. More likely, he was just some weirdo looking for attention. Reaching for low-hanging retweet fruit and 15 minutes of internet infamy. I guess he won.

On the bright side, more that a few people made it clear that said clown had no business talking to Touré in such a way. Many reported the garbage tweets to anti-discrimination group, Kick It Out. Some went as far to alert local police.

While we’re here…

What the hell is going on in the news today? Yaya Touré can’t say hello without getting slurs in his mentions, a Russian coach said he’s got all the dark-skinned players he needs, and Bordeaux’s Willy Sagnol got on television and talked about the African players on his roster like they were runaway slaves.

Maybe we should all go home for the day. Today’s broken. Let’s go home, think about some things, and try this again tomorrow.