Arsène Wenger finally fixed his zipper, but not his team

Arsène Wenger has been tugging at the same things for years. Normally, it’s his zipper.

But it’s also, year after year, a young Arsenal squad with the best player recently sold, while he’s trying to yank the team toward a trophy. This has been going on for a decade.

Prior to winning the FA Cup last season, Arsenal went nine years without a trophy. And then, finally, relief.

But not all is ideal. Sure, there are fewer gifs of him looking like a moron jerking at his zipper on the sideline. Sure, Arsenal now buys expensive players instead of only selling them. But it’s still just the FA Cup. Arsenal last won the league in 2004. It last made it to the final of the Champions League in 2006.

So, to this year. To today. Arsenal took a three-goal lead against Anderlecht of Belgium, home of Sacha Kljestan and his mustache.

And then Arsenal proceeded to concede three goals to Anderlecht of Belgium, home of Belgian waffles and Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate (hence the “Belgian” part of the names). Football Manager’s Vanden Borre scored an offside goal.

And then Football Manager’s Vanden Borre scored a penalty. And then Andy Najar whipped in a cross and Arsenal Arsenaled real hard.

Sometimes Wenger must feel like he’s jerking and tugging and yanking and nothing’s coming to fruition.